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PosBar BBI 4th Anniversary: Perubahan Yang Terjadi Padaku Sejak Bergabung Dengan Blogger Buku Indonesia

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Hello! Today is the day! On April 13, 2011 a wonderful community full of book loving people was created where bookish related talks are conducted, great book reviews are made. Now it is exactly four years after that on the exact same day. Do you guys know what it means? Yes! Today is BBI's birthday/anniversary (whatever you like to call it). BBI is turning four! Happy birthday Bebi!

To celebrate Bebi's birthday, the members are celebrating by creating a post on their blog with the theme "The Changes that Happened Ever Since I Joined BBI" so, without further unnecessary blabbering, let's just get into it.
Okay, so I'm relatively new to this book blogging community. As you might know, I joined this community in late 2014 around September/October. Ever since I joined BBI there are some amount of changes, let me list them all now:

My "taste" in Books is Broader
Ever since I joined BBI and seen all of the awesome blogs that are a part of this community. I felt like my eyes are opened to a whole other selection of genres that I never knew I'd like if I didn't join this community. For instance, before I joined BBI the only genre I read were mostly fantasy books but after I joined BBI I learned a lot of great recommendations of books from various genres so now I'm not a monotonous reader! TE HE HE HE HE

I Read More Frequently
After I joined BBI, my reading frequency increased. I usually take a long time in reading a book. But whenever I open Goodreads and see the progress my BBI friends made in their reading and how quickly most of them can finish a book it just motivates me to keep reading and now I think my reading speed has increased!

I Started Learning How to Write Good Reviews
At first, when I started this book blog and joined BBI I didn't know how to write a book review at all. But then I started looking at other book blogs and see how they write their reviews. I read a lot of reviews and see how it was written, what to include in the review, etc. before I wrote my first review and now, reviewing seems kind of natural. Now every time I finished a book I want to write a review about it (even though sometimes I'm kind of lazy in making it :P)

I Know a Lot of Bookish-Related Events
Before I joined BBI, I have never attended any kind of bookish events. But after I joined BBI I know a lot of events such as IIBF (Indonesia International Book Fair), IRF (Indonesia Readers Festival, IBF (Islamic Book Fair), etc. I have been to both IIBF and IRF, they were both great events and I just love how IRF is just a collection of people who have a passion in reading are gathered in one place. The first I time I was involved in IRF helping the BBI booth you just feel like you belong there (read: pokoknya kebersamaannya kerasa banget!!)

My TBR Pile Just Keeps Growing, and I Became a Hoarder!!
Yes, I am now officially a book hoarder and I'm kinda proud of it. Now, every time I go to the mall I always stop by at a bookstore. I always make a frequent visit to various types of bookstores and I check the internet frequently in search of books especially ever since I joined a group in Facebook where people sell books I'm always drooling and itching to buy new books. Also, whenever there's a book sale somewhere I always make time to go there and see what book I can get. Thus, now my TBR pile is very intimidating...

Met a Lot of Cool People!
Gained a lot of new friends, they're all super nice and friendly!

Love ya!!

So, those are the changes that happened to me ever since I joined Blogger Buku Indonesia. Happy birthday, Bebi! Hopefully BBI can become greater and prosper in the future, recognized more widely by many people (publishers, authors, etc.), and most importantly receive LOADS of free books for its members!!! XD

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