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Periplus Online Bookstore Review

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PERIPLUS.COM ONLINE BOOKSTORE enables you to select from over 21 million international books and magazines with fast, guaranteed delivery and low prices.
So, after having reviewed my book shopping experience with Books & Beyond and Tokobuku by SCOOP. Now I'm back with a review of Periplus Online Bookstore. I was browsing the bargain section of this site and found some books that catches my eye so I went ahead and bought them. Let's see my thoughts!

*this review contains a lot of images, so please be patient when it loads:)

First things first, this isn't my first experience shopping in Periplus. I've done it for quite a few times whether it is through its online or offline stores. I like the selections that it has to offer. Periplus's offline stores are spread widely throughout Indonesia and from where I'm from, which is Sidoarjo. The nearest imported bookstore is Periplus so I always go there whenever I go to Surabaya.

Other than that my favorite part of Periplus's online bookstore is its bargain section. I really like that they offer quite a wide range of selection in terms of YA books as well as new adult books, especially fantasy. So I frequently check its website.

Thoughts about the website:
So when we first first open the website we can see promos Periplus offers. On the left side we see the categories of books Periplus sells such as Fiction literature, magazines, education books, and Indonesian books. I rarely buy full priced books in Periplus's website, I usually do that in its offline stores. Therefore I always bought bargain books in its website because of the low prices and wonderful selection of fiction books.

bargain section of
After scrolling over 20 pages of the bargain section I narrowed down my choices to Astray by Emma Donoghue, The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan, and The Headmaster's Wager by Vincent Lam. After much needed consideration I decided to buy The Engagements and The Headmaster's Wager because they both have higher rating than Astray, also because I didn't want to spend too much money on shipping.

Thoughts about ordering:
I ordered the book on March 23, 2015 and paid it by bank transfer on the next day using my friend's bank account because Periplus uses BCA and at the time I did already have a BCA account for work purposes but there was like zero money in that account so I used my friend's account.

order information of my latest purchase
I used SAP, which was relatively new (I think) in Periplus's shipping services. I chose it besides wanting to try the new shipping method and because SAP was like the cheapest shipping available. I was fairly surprised, usually the shipping price to Jakarta is about Rp8.000 but with SAP it only costs Rp5.500. I also got a price reduction of Rp9.000 from my 2014 point redemption.

Thoughts about the package:
I forgot the exact date of when the package arrived. I believe it was either around March 29 or March 30, 2015. I love how Periplus wrap its packages so securely, the books are put inside a box that has a pull tab thingy to open. It was very secure because I had a rough time opening the package since the glue was like super sticky (or maybe I just don't have the strength, lol).

the package
After I opened it I gazed upon it for a long while admiring the beautiful covers. Although the customers are already told that the bargain books have certain defects to it meaning it's dented, or there's some part of the seal that's broken, etc. I don't really care because I'll plastic wrap the books anyway. THEY ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! *kisses to my books*

the books and all their beautifulness!!
Thoughts about the overall experience:
Loved my shopping experience with it was a great one. In the future, my recommendation would be for Periplus to add more titles in its bargain section because I'll definitely keep buying books there if they did that (like all the time) especially if they have more young adult novels. *basically this recommendation I also gave out to other online bookstores* is one of my favorite imported books bookstore in Indonesia. I'm a member there anyway so I would gladly always shop there whenever I can :D

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