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May 2015 Book Haul

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Hello dear blogwalkers! I do apologize for not posting a lot (or at all) lately. It's not that I didn't read anything I actually have three drafts of book reviews that (hopefully) will be posted soon. So, you guys should stay tune for that! Well, anyways as usual I always post a book haul to showcase what books I recently bought to you guys! and sorry (again) for not posting a book haul a few months before it's just that I was kind of lazy at that times in doing a haul, but anyways I'm back and I'm ready to share with you guys what I got in the month of May, here they are!!

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
I got this book when I was browsing in my Instagram and found this cool new online bookstore that sells preloved english books called @gloseeshop. I was browsing their new uploads and this title immediately caught my eye because I've always been curious of Anne Frank's story and the jewish holocaust event so I bought this book!
Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella
I like Sophie Kinsella's writing, I've only read one of her books, which was the first book in her Shopaholic series and I really liked it. So, I began collecting her other books. This title was recommended by a lot of book tubers. Some even said it was better than the Shopaholic series and when I saw that an Instagram online bookstore was selling this I bought it without even thinking twice.

I found these two gems in Kaskus. I saw a post where someone's trying to sell her book collection. There were a lot of great titles and I had a hard time choosing on which to buy, but then at last I decided to buy these two books. I've read the summary on Goodreads and I think it sounded interesting, it involves video games!

Girls in the Dark by Akiyoshi Rikako
In, Facebook. I'm friends with someone who always sells this wonderful book collection. I bought this book from kak Titish A.K. and I think this is my second purchase already. She was really kind because when I bought this book, I didn't have to pay for the shipping fee. How nice of her! Thank you kak! :) But anyways, about the book. Ever since there was Penerbit Haru, I've been really curious with their books and now I've decided to try some. This book is a mystery and probably a bit of a horror as well from a Japanese author.
Wishing Her to Die by Jung Soo Hyun
Another book I bought from kak Titish A.K. this one is also a mystery novel but this one was written by a Korean author. It's about a girl who died and got a chance to possess a living body for a day. That's about all I get, I think it sounded intriguing.

The Golem and the Jinni - Sang Golem dan Sang Jin by Helene Wecker
I got this book from a giveaway held by the cover designer of the book himself, kak Hege (@ibgwiraga). When I won the giveaway I was like jumping up and down in excitement while I was at work (and I think my co-workers were staring at me that time, lol!). So, thank you kak Hege for this thick and massive book!
The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, #3) by James Dashner
I bought this book secondhand from Facebook, it was a total impulse buy because it was so cheap and the cover matches the first book that I own. But unfortunately I can't read it yet, since I haven't yet read the second book and don't own it also.

A Scent of Love in London by Indah Hanaco | My Review
Got this book as a "buntelan" from in a BBI event where Elex Media Komputindo was one of the sponsors of the BBI Talkshow "From Bloggers to Writers" that was held last April. So, yeah this was not really acquired in May but well it was "near" May hehe. I've read it already, it kind of reminds me of TFIOS since both of the main characters have disabilities but still manage to fall in love.
Astrolo(ve)gi by Amal S. Azwar, dkk.
Still from the BBI event, this freebie was from a pile of "leftover" books from the event and when kak Ren asked who wants to take the books I grabbed this book because the concept is from zodiacs. But this book is a collection of short stories and given my experiences with short stories books I'm a little hesitant in getting into this book.
If You Know What Happened in MCI by Widya Arifianti
Again, still from the BBI event, this book was inside my tote bag as a part of the "goodies" that was inside. This book is a non-fiction book about MCI (Meme Comic Indonesia) a community of people who shared a love of meme creation, I suppose? I'm not really 100% interested in it but one of my friends wants to read it, so I guess I'll probably just give this to him later.
CoupL(ov)e by Rhein Fathia
Kak Rhein Fathia was one of the speakers of the BBI event. I got this book during one of the quiz inside the event. I answered a question correctly and got this book! Of course when I was there I had to get this book personally signed for me. I also got my copy of Gloomy Gift signed too! (I prepared it the night before because I wanted to get her autograph). Thank you kak Rhein! :)
Wedding Rush by Jenny Thalia Faurine | My Review
This book was not from the BBI event, although Jenny did plan to give this book to me at that event. This book is Jenny's 10th book so far, I've read it, reviewed it, and even joined in on the review marathon event for this book on my blog as one of the hosts. I really liked it! Jenny's writing never disappoints me. Oh, and also this book is personally signed too!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1) by Michelle Hodkin
I got this book secondhand from an online bookshop in Instagram. I've been looking for this book ever since it came out and the people of book tube started buzzing about it. This is a hardcover copy and I got it for quite a cheap price, I consider this a win! The seller was very kind!
Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
Got this from Instagram also, from the same online bookshop as above. This was probably one of the underrated contemporary novels that I want to read. The premise sounded interesting. The book involves romance and music, I'm currently reading it. Hopefully I'll like it.
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Still from the same bookshop, actually the seller hasn't posted this book yet on her Instagram. She actually sent me some of her collection that was for sale and in one of those pictures was this book. So I immediately said tho her that I want to buy this book because, well, because it's by Rainbow Rowell IS THAT NOT REASONABLE ENOUGH?!

Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy, #1) by Sally Green
Got this book from a fellow BBI-ers Anastasia, a friend of hers was selling his/her english books and this was one of them. Being that it is quite a new release and also my wish list, I ended up buying it. Cannot wait to read it! This book is about a world where witches are divided into good witches and bad witches, the main character is actually half good witch and half bad witch because of his parents.
The Rithmatist (Rithmatist, #1) by Brandon Sanderson
Still from Anastasia, or Anastasia's friend. This book was also one of the titles that were on sale. I don't need to look for the synopsis of this book, I don't need to think before buying it. When it comes to Brandon Sanderson's books, you just need to buy it immediately since he's like one of the most popular fantasy writers. Now that I have this book, I need to continue searching for his other books.
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
This one was also from Anastasia, but it wasn't her friend's collection it was her collection. I've been meaning to read this book for quite a while, the title and its length intrigued me it is an attention grabber. People who've read it said it is a fun and humorous read, so hopefully I could get to reading this book sometime in the near future. I've also read from people's reviews that Indonesia was mentioned here! Curious as to how it was mentioned.

Well folks, that's it. That's all of the books I got in the month of May. I got a total of 19 on May. If any of you guys have read any of the books I mentioned above, feel free to share your (spoiler-free) thoughts on the comment section below! Don't be shy! And I do accept recommendations from you guys as to which one I should put to the top of my TBR list! Just share them in the comment section also! :)

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  1. wah banyak banget, dari semuanya paling penasaran dengan Half Bad dan The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, ditunggu reviewnya :)

    1. Iya kak langsung bangkrut ini kebanyakan beli buku hahaha
      Ditunggu yah kak, mungkin agak lama X))


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