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{The Little But Late} September-October Book Haul

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I know I know you guys are all thinking why am I posting a super late book haul post. Well the answer is simple I am currently facing my mid-term examination week of college and it has been super hectic, endless studying and little time to read my ever-growing TBR pile (agak lebay sih kayaknya) but it's true! So for this book haul I am actually doing a September and October book haul because I kinda forgot to post my September book haul, which I considered to be a nice coincidence since the books I bought in the month of October are so little compared to September and August...

Well, without prolonging this already long introduction here are the books!
So, let's begin with the books I bought in the month of September!
Basically the books I bought for the month of September are all from Periplus website's bargain section. You all know how I love bargain books! (anak hemat maksimal) so I bought to books by Sylvia Day and they are both the first books of a different series you all might know Sylvia Day from the Crossfire series but these are different from that series also one of the book is a fantasy series! Can you guess which one is it? (It's the one with the feather;)) The Gods of Gotham was actually an impulse buy because I have been obsessed with the new TV series Gotham and this book has Gotham written in the title so I bought it! HEHE.

The last two are also from Periplus's bargain section. These two books the first two books of the same series, I bought these books because the premise sounds interesting, it has a little thriller in it and also the setting is a boarding school! I love reading boarding school stories.

Moving on to the month of October, which is sad for me because I only bought two books in October *sigh* but anyway here they are!!
So these are the books I bought on October. I bought both of these books at LOTTE Mart Bintaro. I bought Negeri 5 Menara because of there was a sale of books published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama there so I chose that book because I've heard that the story is really good. I bought the second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy, which is Fifty Shades Darker at the secondhand imported book section in LOTTE Mart, I am very curious in finding out the how the story of Anastasia and Christian continues in this book.

So those are all the books I bought in September and October, have you read any of these books? If so let me know how it was by commenting down below! I would love to hear your thoughts on these books!!

PS: I'm very sorry that I didn't post the real picture of the books I bought on September, it's because I didn't bring those books to my boarding house they're at my actual house (well my parent's house).

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