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Graphic Novel Review: Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick (Sex Criminals #1-5) by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Author: Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics
Pages: 128
Format: E-book
Published: April, 2014
Price: $ 10.87 -> Rp 132,125 (BookDepository)
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Date started: November 4, 2014 - Date finished: November 4, 2014

Suzie’s just a regular gal with an irregular gift: when she has sex, she stops time. One day she meets Jon and it turns out he has the same ability. And sooner or later they get around to using their gifts to do what we’d ALL do: rob a couple banks. A bawdy and brazen sex comedy for comics begins here!
*this review is intended for readers above the age of 18

I'm like on a graphic novel high, after finishing Anya's Ghost I really wanted to read another graphic novel and I decided to read this one. Because this is like a bind-up of five graphic novels and there are eight graphic novels in this series as far as I know. And, yes in case any of you guys are wondering there is nudity and sex in this graphic novel (duh, the title has sex written on it). But I'm here to tell you about the story of this book.
Ever try to utilize the resources of the public school system to learn about sex? No wonder so many dumb kids get knocked up. Nobody knows anything, and if they do, they're legally bound from telling you.
So basically the premise of this book was really interesting to me. It's just that I would've never thought that someone would create this kind of story. The story starts off when we are introduced to one of the main character of the book, which is Suzie. Now, Suzie is different than any other girl. She has a "superpower" her power is that she can stop time when she "rubs one out" how you say? I don't know she just can. When she found out she can do this she began experimenting on herself to measure the duration of how long she can freeze time. She calls this period "The Quiet"
He was right, y'know. The two of us. Alone together. Two lives full of sex and sadness and weird shit and distance, and then suddenly - Suddenly, there he was. There we were. Me and this guy. This fucking guy.
Suzie works as a librarian and one day she's throwing a party to save her library from being demolished. So then at this party she met this guy named Jon and (of course) she hooks up with him. When it was finished the most unexpected thing happen, she realizes that this guy has the same power as her, they can both stop time. After that experience they began exchanging stories of their lives to each other and eventually develop a feeling towards each other.

On the other hand, Suzie is still struggling to keep her library from being demolished and Jon has this crazy idea that since they have this power, they might as well just freeze time and rob a bank to help collect money to save Suzie's library. But of course no bad deeds goes unpunished, there are others who can do what they can do and they are watching Suzie and Jon's every move.
First what I'd like to say about this graphic novel is that it is full color and the illustrations are just so gorgeous I like it so much it was steering toward a more pop-art kind of illustrations, which I don't mind. The storyline of this novel is fairly simple and easy to keep up with. The characters are just the most hilarious characters I've seen in a graphic novel. Suzie and Jon complete each other with their snarky comments at each other.

My favorite part would be the visualization of The Quiet period it was simple but so unique for me. And of course let's not forget the full on performance of Suzie singing Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen that is instead of filled with the song lyrics was filled with the authors' comments and of course they were funny!

Overall this was a good graphic novel and trust me when you read this graphic novel the story means more than the mature contents. And the humor in this graphic novel appeals to me, If you like watching 2 Broke Girls, you'll relate to the humor in this book because they're kind of similar. On the other hand, this graphic novel is very controversial for me bacuse it takes on this theme that may not be appropriate for all countries. So I don't really recommend it to you guys cause ya know, because it's taboo. Read it at your own wish.

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