Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Book Haul, the Last 2014 Haul

First of all, happy new year 2015 for everyone!! I can't believe that it is 2015 already and that we've passed 2014. I sure wish that 2015 will be a great year for us all and will bring us lots of good things and keep away the bad ones. So, before 2014 ended I wanted to post my december book haul (or as I'd like to call it my last book haul in 2014). Let's get to it! Here are the books:)

I got Shift by requesting a copy to be reviewed on my blog (and I'm lucky enough to have got it!!) it is supposed to be a combination of The Butterfly Effect and Jumper, I've never seen The Butterfly Effect but I have seen Jumper I didn't really like it but I didn't hate it. As for Unplanned Love it was my first "buntelan" from BBI so yeaaaayyyyyy!! The three books on the right side were books I bought. I bought the first two books of Dee's Supernova series, KPBJ and Akar in Blok M. The book in the middle, A Very Yuppy Wedding I bought at a Gramedia Sale in Teras Kota (btw, IT IS AUTOGRAPHED *squeal*).

The books from the pictures above are all from the 2014 Indonesia Readers Festival. 2014 was the first year I joined IRF and with new friends from BBI. It was a great experience^^ (there are some books I forgot to take pictures of but I will post the Goodreads links below).
*not in the picture*

These last few books are from BBI friends (aren't they all so nice? I KNOW). I got Delirium and Pandemonium (such a big win, they've been on my wish list forever!!) from Kak Nana and the rest of them I got from Mbak Truly, they were her personal collection that needed a home so how can I resist? HEHE.

Those are all the books I got in the month of December, if you have read any of the books above let me know if you guys liked it in the comments below:)

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  1. AH! I also came to IRF! Why didn't I see you there? ><

    1. Hai kak Hesti, yes I was there at IRF and even though you didn't see me I think I saw you there.

      PS: I was the guy monitoring the pyramid game! Lol


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