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Graphic Novel Review: The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends Trilogy, #2) by Howard Shapiro

Author: Howard Shapiro
Publisher: Animal Media Group, LLC
Pages: 150
Format: E-book
Published: September, 2014
Price: $10.92 -> Rp 147.125 (Amazon)
Rating: 3½ / 5 stars

Date started: July 26, 2015 - Date finished: July 26, 2015

The Hockey Saint is the highly anticipated second book in the Forever Friends Trilogy, which covers the unlikely friendship of the world’s best hockey player, Jeremiah Jacobson and college sophomore, Tom Leonard. Their friendship is immediately put to the test when Tom discovers his idol is not as perfect as he appeared to be. Can Tom save Jeremiah from his checkered past and fast lifestyle?
The Hockey Saint tells a story about the friendship of Jeremiah Jacobson and Tom Leonard. Jeremiah Jacobson or Jake is the best hockey player in the world but isn't liked by quite a few people because of his blunt mouth. Meanwhile, Tom Leonard is a sophomore accounting student in Bay City University who is also playing college hockey. Tom and Jake met one day when Tom received a tip from his best friend Cam about where Jake lives, you see Tom is a big fan of Jake and of course he had to see the home of his favorite hockey player. To his surprise, Tom actually met Jake.

After that they started hanging out together and eventually befriended each other. During this time, Tom learned a whole other side of Jake that people don't see from the medias. Sure, on the ice rink he's "The Hockey Saint" but outside of the rink he's just like all other humans, he has endearing qualities that make Tom enjoy hanging out with him but he also has problems that makes Tom worry for him.

One day, their friendship is put to the test when an ex-FBI agent turned private investigator impersonates a Can Am Hockey League Security officer came in knocking on Tom's door and asked that Tom feed him personal information about Jake that people didn't know. In other words, Tom is asked to rat out on his friend.
You know when a guy plays through an injury, it doesn't matter what sport it is someone in the media will say what a Warrior he is.
This graphic novel is my first NetGalley book that I got since I joined a few months ago. Before requesting any book there I decided to try the ones that can be immediately downloaded. At that time I was in the mood for a graphic novel and my choice came down to this because the title intrigued me. Thank God, this graphic novel is good and I liked it.

I just want to say that although the title is The Hockey Saint, the main focus of this graphic novel is not on Hockey it is more on the friendship between Tom and Jake. So, don't worry if you don't know jack about hockey (because I don't) you won't find any difficult hockey terms that might confuse you. The story is easy to read and I flowed through it quickly (it helps that it is a graphic novel).

I really like the friendship aspect of this graphic novel. The friendship development between Tom and Jake was told in a perfect pace, not too slow and not too fast (instant friendship). I also love how parts of Jake's side was told sequentially and not all at once. It's like I got the chance to get to know him as well.

The drawings are of course very good, since I can't really draw I've always appreciated people who can draw and therefore I like graphic novels (cause I like looking at beautiful pictures). I really like the face of the ex-FBI turned private investigator because his face really gives me the creeps, which is a good thing given that he's the antagonist.

I can say that the thing that put me off was the after hockey game discussion scenes that Tom watches on TV, since I'm not a sports fan I've never really liked sports discussions so I don't really like reading about it as well. Those scenes were my least favorite of the whole story, but they seem very realistic to me so the author must've done his research.

Overall, I liked this graphic novel. An easy to read story about friendship mixed with hockey that might give you a little insight in the world of hockey.

P.S.: I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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