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Book Review: The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden, #1) by A.R. Torre

Author: A.R. Torre
Publisher: Alessandra Torre
Pages: 165
Format: E-book
Published: April, 2013
Price: $9.99 -> Rp139.311 (Barnes & Noble)
Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Date started: January 13, 2016 - Date finished: January 14, 2016

I haven't touched a human in three years. That seems like it would be a difficult task, but it's not. Not anymore, thanks to the internet.

I am, quite possibly, the most popular recluse ever. Not many shut-ins have a 200-member fan club, a bank account in the seven-figure range, and hundreds of men lining up to pay for undivided attention.

They get satisfaction, I get a distraction. Their secret desires are nothing compared to why I hide... my lust for blood, my love of death.

Taking their money is easy. Keeping all these secrets... one is bound to escape.

What if you hid yourself away because all you could think of was killing? And what if one girl's life depending on you venturing into society?

Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre.
Deanna Madden is a recluse, which means she never leaves her house. She's diagnosed with a case of anthropophobia (fear of human interaction) and cruorimania (an obsession for murder) yes, murder. Deanna has urges, most people urge for sex or something else but she has an obsession for blood she constantly dream and think about killing people, that's why she locks herself in her house. You might ask how does a recluse make a living? Well, for Deanna she became a cam girl and she's not just any fangirl in fact she's quite a successful one and she became rich because of this.

In the world of camming, she's known as Jessica Reilly. She has a lot of fans and has encountered a wide variety of men and fetishes. Most of her time at home is spent in front of her laptop performing whatever her clients wanted her to do. Thanks to the advances of technology nowadays, she's able to live a pretty good life without ever having to set foot outside her apartment. She gets everything online and delivered to her doorstep. Her life is pretty well-functioning, she got everything figured out.

Jessica Reilly has a lot of regular clients, one day she got a new client by the username of RalphMA35. He is really into ageplay, which makes Jessica have to dress like a young girl and always go by the name of Annie. Jessica didn't encounter this client once, as the session progressed Jessica gets comfortable with that roleplay and then she started to suspect that Annie is actually someone that this guy know in real life, she's afraid that this guy will do something to this Annie girl.

Unexpectedly, one day there was an AMBER alert issued for Annie. When that alert came up all of Jessica's suspicion was proven, she feels the need to rescue Annie because she knows who's taking her. The problem is can she step outside to the open world when she has spent years locked inside her apartment, can she subdue her thirst to kill. Especially, when she almost had a slip up when the ups delivery, Jeremy came into her house and she tried to kill him with a box cutter, the attempt failed but surprisingly they got into a quite an intense make-out session.
“No one is normal. Everyone is just pretending to be normal.”
One of my favorite book tubers, Raeleen had just recently read this book and loved it, she said this book is perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, I consider myself a fan of her even though I've only read two books from her. So based on that I searched for this book and read it. When I finished it, I don't feel that this book was in the same field of Gillian Flynn's books because for me, it wasn't quite as disturbing and twisted as Gillian Flynn's books but I still enjoyed reading about it.

One of the unique things about this book is how it was written. The story of this book is told through multiple perspectives and covers multiple events in different time frames. The first perspective is of course from the main character, Deanna or Jessica, this is told from a first person pov and it covers events like the various different clients of Jessica in the world of camming and Deanna's past and what actually triggers her cruorimania are some of them. Then there's another perspective, which was written in third person pov and it covers Jeremy, the regular ups delivery guy that delivers all of Deanna's packages, Annie's chapters, and Annie's mom chapters.
“They believe what they see, because they want to believe. They want to believe that I am normal. And for the brief moments I am with them, I fool myself into thinking the same thing.”
“Disappointment in others is tough. But disappointment in yourself is far worse.”
The pace of this book is also perfect, it's not too fast and not too slow. Most of Deanna's chapters consist of her activities in the world of camming, I liked reading about it, it adds to my knowledge and you'll see that the writer has done her research over the profession of cam girls. I liked finding out about Deanna's past and finding out the root cause of her cruorimania. The thing that I don't like about this book is that it's quite predictable, as a supposedly dubbed mystery/thriller book I want to be surprised and want to find some twists and turns along the way but I find that I know the ending about halfway through this book. It seemed pretty obvious to me.

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