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August 2015 Book Haul

captured & edited by me
Hi guys!! It has been quite a while since I last posted a book haul in this blog. I think my last book haul was in May? So I've been skipping out on June and July. For me personally, posting book hauls is a ton of work (especially taking pictures of the books) and I'm a very lazy guy hence the lack of book haul posts in this blog and the not-so-pretty book pictures I put in the posts. Nevertheless, I always feel the need to show you guys what books I've got each month just so that we can all gaze at pretty book covers. In the month of August, I have accumulated a total of 13 books. Let's all see what I got!

These two books were sent to me from Diva Press. One of them is for a blog tour purpose and that is Rental Kuda Manggani, this book is a collection of short stories written by 21 authors (a lot right?) and this book is not that thick, it doesn't even reach 200 pages. I'm curious to know what kind of stories are in this book and hopefully I'll like it. Stay tune for the blog tour on this blog at the end of September, ok!!

The second one is, Langit Jingga di Acapulco. Let me just say that the cover with that kind of ethnic typography on the cover made this book very pretty. This book was a bonus book also from Diva Press for the blog tour hosts. So thank you, Diva Press for these books!!

Both of these books were from because I just cannot stay away from that website. I always feel the need to open that website and check whether or not there were some prices that were marked down and saw both of these at a special price. I got All Over Creation because I'm curious about Ruth Ozeki's writing since I often see her newest book mentioned by book tubers. I also got the second book in the House of Secrets series since I do own the first book even though I haven't read it yet. Well it was quite cheap so that purchase was justified!

Next up were books that I bought from kak Lina's book sale on her blog recently. When I saw that she was selling these two I immediately contacted her and said I wanted to buy them. So,  I did and she gave me two bonus bookmarks yeay!! These two have been on my wish list for a while, even though I was searching for the english version, I'll settle for the translated ones.

The Chronicles of Audy: 4R (The Chronicles of Audy, #1) by Orizuka
When I saw in Penerbit Haru's Facebook page that they are selling this book for only Rp10.000 at PopCon I immediately want it since there is a lot of hype surrounding this series and a lot of people seem to like it, since it was really cheap so I got it. I didn't have to go to PopCon though, the lovely and kind kak Dini bought it for me when she was there! Thank you!! It's not in a really good condition as you can tell from the picture but I'm ok with it.
Mimpipedia by @penafsirmimpi & Mitha Juniar
Won this book from a Goodreads giveaway. Never heard either the book and the Twitter account before. Basically, the book gives readers information about different kinds of dreams and what is the meaning behind each and everyone of those dreams. It's not a thick book and it's filled with pictures, so I think it'll be a quick read for me. Thank you, Goodreads and Redaksi Moka Media!
Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1) by Leigh Bardugo
I got this one from a swap with kak Sulis @ Kubikel Romance. I traded my translated version of this book in exchange for the english version of the book. Another wish list achieved! Thank you, kak Sulis!

All three of these books were the result of BBI's Auction for Charity that was conducted recently. It was quite fun and thrilling to be able to participate in this auction, you kind of feel the tension as you refresh the page on and on again to maintain your spot as the winner of the book(s) that you wanted. Thankfully I was able to get two books from my wish list and they are Elantris and Wool. I got an extra non-fiction book, Stolen Lives because the premise sounds interesting even though I was not a big fan of non-fiction books.

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
Last but not least, my favorite out of all the books that I got in the month of August. I never expected to finally get this book since every time I came across this book online it was always already sold. But then one day I was strolling the marketplace of the Indonesians Who Love English Books group on Goodreads, there it was!! Of course I immediately bought it and of course when it arrived it was very beautiful!! It is big, thick, glorious, hardcover, and its going to take me years to finish :") but I'm fine with it!!

Okay, so that's all for my haul in the month of August. Let me know in the comment section below what books did you get in the month of August and what book are you excited to read in September!

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