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Book Review: Rock Solid (Rock Solid Construction, #1) by Riley Hart

Author: Riley Hart
Publisher: Riley Hart
Pages: 271
Format: E-book
Published: April, 2015
Price: $12.99 -> Rp177.190 (Amazon)
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Date started: October 10, 2015 - Date finished: October 14, 2015

Trevor Dixon has made too many mistakes to count. Sober for thirteen months, he’s determined to do the right thing: rebuild his relationship with his family, and help his brother get Rock Solid Construction off the ground. Failing them again isn’t an option. Too bad the first estimate Trevor goes on alone is for an uptight doctor with a superiority complex.

A hand injury took away the only important thing in Dr. Simon Malone’s life—performing heart surgery. He doesn’t do well with people and has no family, but being a damn good surgeon? He always had that. Now, he doesn’t know who he is. The last thing he wants to deal with is the young construction worker who blows his shot at remodeling Simon’s home.

Trevor and Simon form an unlikely friendship. The more time they spend together, the more Trevor starts wondering if maybe Simon’s not as straight—or uptight—as he thought…and maybe Trevor’s new attraction for Simon runs both ways.

There are too many reasons they shouldn’t be together: they have little in common, their age difference, Trevor needing to focus on his sobriety…yet there’s something about each other that they just can’t shake. They don’t feel so lost when they’re together. But with their footing so unsteady, forming a relationship that’s rock solid seems impossible. There’s blow after blow, and the last one just might be powerful enough to crack their foundation for good.
*this review is intended for mature audiences (18+ up)

This story follows the life of Trevor Dixon and Dr. Simon Malone. Trevor is a recovering addict who is now running a construction business with his brother, Blake. Simon is a heart surgeon from San Francisco who is unable to perform surgery again because of an incident with his hand. As you guys might've guessed both of our main characters are struggling with the demons inside them.

Trevor met Simon when Simon is searching for help in remodeling his house. Rock Solid—Trevor and Blake's construction business is one of the businesses looking to do the remodel of Simon's house At first, both Simon and Trevor didn't feel positively toward each other as Trevor saw Simon as a stuck-up, pretentious guy and Simon didn't feel that Trevor was right for the job. Trevor was relentless since he feel that he needed to prove his worth to his brother, he convinced that Rock Solid is the right one to help Simon remodel his house and he will not take no for an answer. Eventually, Simon agreed and hired Rock Solid to do the remodel of his house.

During the remodeling process they started to spend more time with each other and started confiding in each other, which was a shock to them since they've never done that before. Their relationship grew closer and as they got even closer a shocking secret threatens to destroy what they have together.
I’m trying to move on. My past isn’t who I am.
So you all know that I've read my first M/M romance novel and loved it, which was Crossroads by Riley Hart. Ever since that, I've been meaning to read her other works. A couple of weeks ago I checked her Goodreads author page and looked at her works and since Crossroads was her newest book I decided to read her works starting from the newest ones to the oldest. That's the reason why I read this book since it was released before Crossroads. Well, I must say that Riley Hart didn't disappoint. I'll admit I liked Crossroads better than this book, but this one was a great book as well.

As with Crossroads, this book also moved quite slowly but this time I felt it meanwhile in Crossroads the pace was okay for me. This book was an "okay" book from the start to the middle. It was likable but not lovable, I almost gave it three stars. The book got interesting when it almost reach the end, especially when the secret was revealed. That part elevated this book for me and after that I loved every part of this book until it ended.

On a positive note, I really liked the overall story of this book because it is realistic. I can see it happening in real life. Other than that, the message that I got from the two Riley Hart books that I've read is that "Love is love, no matter who you are in love with whether it is with a girl or a boy."
But that’s the thing.” Simon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “You’re changing. You’re making amends. I’m not.
My problem with this book rests solely in its dialogues. At times I felt confused as to who was speaking, I got it mixed up quite frequently sometimes it was Trevor who was speaking but I thought it was Simon. In terms of character, I liked both Simon and Trevor but after reading Crossroads I felt the same pattern in Riley Hart's character. There is always the joker and the stiff one. So I felt like the characters were more or less the same with Crossroads but this doesn't mean I didn't like it.

Overall, another great story by Riley Hart and I'm eager to read more of her works. If any of you guys want to try reading a M/M romance book, Riley Hart's books could be a place to start.

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  1. Sometime that becomes my problem too when I read MM romance xD was a bit shocked to see this kind of cover here, and MM novel at that :Y


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