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Movie Adaptation Review: The Best of Me

Title: The Best of Me
Directed by: Michael Hoffman
Screenplay by: J. Mills Goodloe and Will Fetters
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: October 17, 2014 (USA)
Duration: 118 minutes
James Marsden (Dawson)
Michelle Monaghan (Amanda)
Luke Bracey (Younger Dawson)
Liana Liberato (Younger Amanda)
Gerald McRaney (Tuck)
Rating: 6.6 / 10 (IMDb)
Amanda and Dawson are soul mates who met as teens and were from different backgrounds. But circumstances would force them to part ways. 20 years later they are brought back together by the passing of a mutual friend. So they go back home to fulfill his final wishes and they run into each other. While Amanda is married, albeit unhappily, she still has feelings for Dawson but can't forgive him for pushing her away.
Hello, blogosphere! I'm sorry for my lack of posting book reviews. It's just that I've been kinda lazy writing reviews ever since I'm working (that's right, I got a part-time job!!) so I'm like now adjusting to balance work and school and I'm having a hard time fitting in writing reviews in my schedule. Because when I got off work I'm always to tired to do anything.

But today, since it's a holiday I decided to watch a movie and eventually chose this movie to watch since I'm always a fan of romantic films especially ones that are adapted from Nicholas Sparks's books, which I haven't read at all but loved the movies. After the movie was finished I decided to do a review of it on my blog, and here it is! :)

The story starts out with older Dawson in an off-shore oil rig just doing his job like he does everyday while suddenly the oil rig blows up and caused a lot of damage because of this and thanks to a big explosion Dawson got thrown out of the oil rig into the water where he was unconscious for four hours.

When he woke up in the hospital, the doctor said that it was a miracle that he stayed alive. After getting discharged from the hospital Dawson went home. Older Amanda on the other hand was sitting on her front porch with her son Jared, strangely she felt that something was going to happen and it did because the oil rig explosion happened. On the same day that Dawson went to his home, Amanda and her family was having a high school graduation party for her son.

A little while later, both of them got a phone call from Tuck's attorney saying that Tuck had died and wants them both to come back to their hometown to settle some matters. Tuck was a person that meant a lot to both Dawson and Amanda, he was a father and a friend to them. The funny thing is that both of them doesn't know that they're going to finally meet each other after being separated for twenty one years.

When they finally met each other in Tuck's old house, they were shocked to see each other but when they saw each other those feelings from the past came rushing back. Tuck's last dying wish for them was to scatter his ashes in his other house in Vermeer together, and he also secretly planned this to bring them together so that they could be together because he believed that they're soulmates.

Yet, another romantic drama movie and yet another Nicholas Sparks's book to movie adaptation. You know I've always loved Nicholas Sparks's characters, because they're so humble and relatable you know? It's like you want to root for them no matter what happens. Although this was Sparks's newest movie adaptation I had hoped for it to be better than the previous ones and it just wasn't. It was a good movie don't get me wrong but it just wasn't as good as Safe Haven, which is my favorite Nicholas Spark movie adaptation but this movie is a close second.

After watching some or maybe most of Nicholas Sparks's movie adaptation you kind of feel like you know what's going to happen. But in this movie I was wrong, my prediction of a happily ever after life just like other Sparks's movies I've watched didn't happen. Some parts of the movie did stay the same and predictable, like: (1) one of the main couple has a dark secret that he/she wants to hide from him/her. (2) has a southern feel and was set in a small town. But other than that it was enjoyable! I did really wasn't expecting that sort of an ending, so well done! *clapping my hands*

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